Our partners

Solaria Energy is able to meet every need through important dealer contracts with leading brands of the photovoltaic industry and market.

In this website area you will get information about our products:

  • mono and polycrystalline solar modules or thin-film ones, in different sizes and both grid-connected and stand-alone: Panasonic, Kyocera, Innotech, NexPower, Amerisolar, SolarWorld, Sunrise, Centrosolar, Axitec, LG, CSun, Bisol and Linuo Power;
  • inverters and their main accessories (as data logger and sensors): Power-One, SolarMax, Fronius, SMA and Samil Power;
  • field and parallel switchboards, cables and connectors: Cabur;
  • optimizers: Tigo;
  • grid protection device: Thytronic e Carlo Gavazzi;
  • heat pumps: Maxa;
  • solar thermal energy and heat pumps: Junkers;
  • power tools: Bosch.

For more information about our photovoltaic items, visit the FAQ.