Thytronic offers protection, continuity and safety solutions from the generation to the distribution of electric power.

Its expertise is its greatest asset: it strengthened due to the experience of designing and manufacturing of protective relays gained through over 30 years of business activity. The application to all its business processes of its quality system, certified according to ISO9001 standard, is what guarantees that its customers are getting all the best solutions for their needs.

In the perspective of the evolution of smart distribution networks (smart grids) with distributed generation (DG), it is expected to be transmitted over the network signals aimed at the management of the distribution network. It can be used for system decoupling, load shedding and loss of main (islanding) protection.

These signals have particular importance for the system safety and reliability. So the server IEC 61850 has been embedded in the relay protection in order to ensure full compatibility and therefore not to install outside gateway.