Centrosolar is a company with over 25 years of experience in photovoltaic market. It is able to offer complete systems of the highest and proven quality for residential and industrial roofs. Its special features are:

  • 350MWp annual a productive capacity of 100% in Germany.
  • a factory for nanostructured solar glass of high-performance.
  • OEM lines of inverters and mounting systems.

Centrosolar is present on the Italian market since 2007 as a direct subsidiary of Centrosolar AG. It provides services and B2B products and gives italian customers the quality of a product “Made in Germany”, with the convenience of a 100% Italian support.

Among Centrosolar products, the crystalline S-Class Integration Deluxe solution is the best product in the category “Innovative Integration” of the New Energy Bill. A synergy between aesthetics and ecology, S-Class Integration Deluxe is the optimal combination between the roof and the power generator. It is characterized by poly or monocrystalline cells with high performance, and by a nanostructured anti-reflective and self-cleaning glass, for better performance up to 6% per annum, a dark Tedlar back, a black Solrif frame and an integrated Indach system of proven efficiency.

With over 60 MWp of this product sold in the last 2 years, Centrosolar is the market leader in Europe for the integration of PV, with many years of experience and a proven quality.

A proper architectural integration of photovoltaic blends the ability to produce electricity with the aesthetic quality of the space that contains it. By S-Class Integration Deluxe of Centrosolar, the customer do not need support structures. Modules directly replace the tiles, and the system already comes with all the accessories for the proper closure.

You can download all the certificates at the following link.