About us

Solaria Energy S.r.l. was founded in 2007 with the aims of encouraging the development of environment friendly technologies, and it focuses on the renewal energies, in particular on photovoltaic ones.

Solaria Energy’s core business is import and distribute technical photovoltaic items, and thanks to a valuable know-how acquired in the italian and european market, Solaria Energy has become a multinational enterprise with a new brasilian branch in Sao Paulo.

It distributes the most well known products in the world and its suppliers are: Panasonic, Kyocera, Innotech, NexPower, Amerisolar, SolarWorld, Sunrise, Centrosolar, Axitec, LG, CSun, Bisol and Linuo Power for monocrystallin, polycrystallin and thin layer solar modules, suitable for grid-connected and stand-alone systems; Power-One, SolarMax, Fronius, SMA and Samil Power for the inverters and its accessories (data logger and sensors); Cabur for string boxes, connectors and cables; Tigo for optimizers, Thytronic and Gavazzi for interface disposals.

It also supplies mid-and-high voltage stations, electric transformers, led displays (in order to see energy produced), protection relays and electric counters certified by UTF.

Customers of Solaria Energy are mostly installers and wholesalers of photovoltaic items. They are supplied not only by products or by technical advices, but also by technical assistance and in planting.

The core business of this company is the prompt delivery of a several numbers of items, thanks to a 5,000mq- warehouse in the nearby of Leonardo da Vinci airport (Rome). This could allow to supply customers during the planting and maintenance of the several devices.

His growing market trend puts Solaria Energy among the most important and well known Italian companies for the distribution and supply of photovoltaic products.