Innotech Solar


Innotech Solar delivers high quality solar modules with the best value for money. In an innovative, laser-based process, Innotech Solar maximizes electricity production by optimizing various types of solar cells. ITS strives to make use of 100% of the raw materials for energy generation.

Innotech Solar modules combine environmental friendliness, durability, and an outstanding price-performance-ratio.

Its production site is in Norway but branch offices are located in Germany, Norway, China and Switzerland.

The EcoPlus module is the “ecological” product of Innotech Solar. It is made in Europe with anti-reflection glass and black frame.

Innotech products have numerous advantages:

  • European production;
  • higher efficiency thanks to an anti-reflective glass;
  • more safety by eliminating risk of hot spots;
  • cost benefits due to the innovative process of cells optimization;
  • up to 10W more power thanks to just positive rating;
  • CO2 excellent balance thanks to an energy saving up to 90% during production.

The product guarantee lasts for five years and, for panels installed in Italy, it is for ten years after registration. The performance guarantee is 90 % for ten years, and 80 % for 25 years.