Maxa Heat Pumps can be used to heat or cool a whole building or to produce hot water for sanitary use. They mainly use energy present in the environment, taking just a small part from traditional sources. The technology used is based on an external heat source of environmental nature: air, water and soil.

The most common heat pumps are the electrical ones and there are various types: air-air, air-water, air-water and water-water. The first term stands for the source of heat and the second one for the way it is distributed inside the dwelling.

It is interesting to know that a heat pump and photovoltaic item can work together to produce “green energy”.

The most interesting products in the following list:

Air / Water heat pumps with DC Inverter compressors, brushless DC fan, pump with hydronic kit and DC Inverter (V2 +);

Air / Water heat pumps with internal-external unit (Split), with DC Inverter technology, modulating pump, hydronic kit, brushless DC fan and condensation control;

Accumulation system to produce domestic hot water (from 200 to 1500 liters) or technical hot water (capacity from 300 to 2000 liters);

Modules for domestic hot water instantaneous production.

Accessories for centralized control of the whole system components.