Creating a photovoltaic system requires special solutions with technical characteristics that meet specific regulations. This is why the Cabur Solar line was developed: a range of products that offer safe connections for photovoltaic applications.

Introduced in 2007 to provide solutions for photovoltaic system connections, this line of products developed rapidly and was extended to satisfy various needs, from installing panels to connecting to the electrical network.

In order to guarantee safety, long life and excellent system efficiency, Cabur offers a range of products and specially selected components, including:

• a complete range of connectors;

• an innovative patented system for mounting photovoltaic panels;

• a variety of string boxes that comply with strict safety standards;

• surge protection devices;

• screw clamp terminal boards;

• control terminal boards;

• diodes for strings;

• fuse holders;

• disconnectors;

• tools;

• wires;

• labels and signs.