Which are the advantages of a photovoltaic plant installed on your own rooftop?

Here is a brief list of advantages you can get from a photovoltaic plant:

  • electricity bill saving;

  • investment return in a few years;

  • increasing of your house value;

  • exploitation of unuseful surfaces (roof, cantilever roof, pergola);

  • clean and autonomous energy production by using solar energy;

  • environmentally friendly system and greenhouse effect reduction;

  • better environmental condition: a photovoltaic plant doesn’t produce noise or polluting gas, doesn’t waste resources and heat;

  • 20 years roof maintanance charges saving because a plant is very reliable and barely exposed to bad working.

How long a plant is money saving?

The Fifth feed-in scheme law regulates incentives on photovoltaic plant installations.

Feed-in scheme is the common name given to an incentivation european program for energy production by using photovoltaic modules which meet the law indications and are  ENEL grid connected.

Incentives last for 20 years, running from the national grid connection.

Nowadays incentives from the Fifth feed-in scheme are worned-out but a photovoltaic plant is always a very good investment also considering that prices have been cut, and buying a plant is a lot cheaper than in the past.

Are solar photovoltaic investments going to be the best option even in the future?

Solar photovoltaic is by far one of the most well known and pollution free system for energy production.

Solar energy comes from the sun which is unlimited and renewable, so it’s costless and doesn’t create economic dipendence to anybody.

The investment is well repaid since the very first years thanks to:

  • the grant of an all-inclusive feed-in tariff to the share of net electricity injected into the grid;

  • the fossil fuels growing costs;

  • the PV plant lowering costs due to the competitiviness of the market and the impulse from the worning-out of the incentives.

Is there a way for save on heating costs too?

Today around 64% of italian homes are equipped by obsolete boilers which are quite polluting and barely efficient.

Estimation says only 49% of the produced heat is really disposable.

Good news is we can assure you it is possible a save up to 60% simply installing an innovative heat pump integrated to solar PV modules.

Are tax deductions provided?

Yes. Until June 30th 2013 it will be possible to get tax deductions (Irpef) of 50% for renovation, in alternative to Fifth feed-in scheme incentives.

All the taxpayer who are bearing renovation costs can benefit from deductions.

In order to get the benefit it is necessary to obtain a qualified technician asseveration; the energetic qualification certificate, if required; the housing project..

Which is the first thing I can do to have my electric costs cut?

We definetely suggest to replace the light bulbs in your house (the incandescent and fluorescent one) with the new LED lamps. You can cut energy costs of 80-85% by using these lamps. Comparison is 1 to 20 which means one LED lamp is equal 20 traditional lamps. They last much longer and produce light not heat!