Recharging Station

What is a charge point?

A charge point is a station connected to a mains electricity supply and provides electrical energy to recharge the traction batteries of electrically propelled vehicles.

Where can charge points be installed?

Charge points can be located along public street such as in private garages, in trading center areas, in private company’s car park or even in one’s own garden.

Some charge points looks like wall sockets and are very useful for indoor mounting.

How long does the recharge last?

Charging point come in three charge capability: 3 kW, 6 kW and 21 kW.

Charging time vary depending on the charge capability. For instance an electric car will have the battery charged in six hours with a 3kW charge point, in three hours with a 6 kW one and in only  35 minutes with a 21 kW charge point.

Could a charge point be a communication/advertising means?

Absolutely yes. Charging points can be monitor equipped to launch quick and impacting advertising messages. The charging point column can be totally branded so visibility is assured even if you are not using it.

Is it possible to control the charge point right working by remote control?

Charge points can be equipped by a remote control device for a constant working monitoring system.

Are charging points easy to use?

The use is very simple! Each charge point has been designed for ease of use and accessibility. It’s enough  plugging your power lead and wait until the end of the recharging session. Then just remove your power lead.