Turnkey project

“Turnkey and no worry” is the new Solaria Energy’s initiative to offer an all inclusive service. Besides the components of the PV implant, we’ll provide you:

  • inspection;
  • design;
  • administrative practices;
  • ENEL practices;
  • installation;
  • test and grid connection;
  • GSE practices to get incentives.

Solaria Energy will support its customers through its national PV implant installers partners network.
The installer partner will verify the technical feasibility of the implant and will provide total customer support.
The “Turnkey and no worry” project will only require you the effort of a phone call!
We’ll take care of everything.
Info 06//83764051 or info@solariaenergy.it

More information regarding the “Turnkey and no worry” project are available on our website, in the FAQ section.