CSun Interview

Today we interview Dr. Antonio Muoio, CEO of Solaria ENERGY, Italian Partner in the distribution of CSUN modules

-Introduce your Company:

Dr. Muoio: Solaria Energy was founded in 2007 with the aim of contributing to the diffusion of technologies to protect the environment itself as a specialized structure in the field of renewable energies and in particular photovoltaics. Solaria Energy’s core business is the import and distribution in Italy of all the products necessary for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Solaria Energy is aimed at retailers and installers of photovoltaic systems in the industry which, over the supply of materials, provides advanced technical advice in the choice of materials and an important support to preliminary design and the choice of the method of installation. One of the main strengths of Solaria Energy is the availability of immediate delivery of a large quantity of materials, thanks to a logistics warehouse located in Fiumicino – near the Roman airport.

-Your current business and in the short term perspective

Dr. Muoio: Solaria is currently focusing on customer retention, including designers and installers in order to have more competitive prices and is shifting its focus from large plants to the residential / household markets.

-Your point of view on the Italian market and the cuntries in the world that are intersting for PV investment

Dr. Muoio: At this time in Italy, which has no other sources of energy such as nuclear, it is very important to carry and care for residential installations, making them independent and above all to make the end user understand that the system is an excellent investment, due to the encouraging grants by the Conto Energia. Solaria Energy with regard to foreign countries, is moving into Brazil, a country with strong economic growth and ideal sun exposure. What we would like to do is to export the knowledge gained in Italy to this country and to this new market.

-Your relationship with CSUN

Dr. Muoio: A very good, especially because the company is flexible and adapts quickly to market changes.

-How would you rate the impact of reaching GRID PARITY scheduled for next year?

Dr. Muoio: The Grid Parity is of course a very important goal to achieve, especially because the cost of traditional energy continues to grow. The impact will be undoubtedly positive.