Solaria Energy for Corporate Social Responsibility

Solaria Energy donated a 6kW photovoltaic plant to Life Quality Project Association.

Life Quality Project is a non profit making, non party and not confessional association based in Rome.

The association was born to develop a project common to parallel associations operating in Argentina, Brazil,, Chile, Cuba, Finland, Germany, England, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Usa, Venezuela, and is open  to those people aiming to share knowledge coming from science and tradition, to realize a better existence quality.

It intends to come to a man vision as an evolving individual, gifted with a creativeand not repetitive mind. A man who expects answers more and more harmonized with his time, conditions and abilities.

Liffe Quality Project wants to pursue sobriety, education, friendship development, human and professional ethic for phisical, mental and spiritual wellness for the individual, for the whole world, for the deep consciousness research.